To buy the first boat a bunch of Ether can be collected in exchange for Entropy tokens.

Entropy tokens are an ERC20 usual Ethereum sub-currency.

This document is an attempt to imagine some ways this whole thing can work with different levels of autonomy and trustlessness, think through possible attack vectors and tradeoffs. Each person who helps is equal, rich people shouldn't be worth more but are welcome too. So having more tokens is not having more votes or a bigger vote.

To make sure people are real people and not just copies or robots, there is a simple trust network - we can phone you and check you're one person, then mark that against your address. In this particular use case it is important that it is not just an ordinary timesharing model, and it is important that it's not boring commercial stuff. It has to be sustainable, so some cool business model would be useful.

But, a big company can't just hire the boat for tokens and make everyone who maintains and sails it their slave, because it will be like having a boring job. We don't want that.

Meta stuff. This is not only useful for Entropy use case, but any use cases in which some large expensive stuff can be used by many people. Kind of a membership/access thing.

This sometimes works fine without any blockchains involved and sometimes goes to shit. Many people wrote clever stuff about it, but most of it is based on magic. This concept is related to that of commons.

All possible things that Entropy token can do in different scenarios.

a) invite to hangout on the boat

b) advert space on the boat

c) voting rights on where the boat goes

d) other voting rights

e) lottery ticket

f) possibility to ship something special

g) can be traded on exchanges

h) something else

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