The main components of a hackspace are accessibility to an array of tools like power tools, electronics or sewing machines and a community around it to share your ideas, learnings, obstacles and inspiration with. Hackspaces are something everyone should have access to, so Project Entropy aims to be a decentralised version of this which can travel easily and sustainably to help empower people in all parts of this world - even remote.

They allow for creativity, sharing knowledge and trialling and learning new stuff. It is a place where people are supported to build stuff that they think can be valuable in many different ways, like projects around sustainability, open source or simply to making someone smile.

A Hackspace on a boat makes sense as the project can reach remote areas sustainably and bring all the tools necessary with it. The project envisions to carry traditional power and hand tools as well as equipment to make 3D printers and CNC milling machines such as RepRap Printers and Maslow CNC the https://github.com/MaslowCNC

Important is that Project Entropy does not aim to teach top down but to encourage to discover and learn through joining the projects that are initiated by the people onboard inspiring them to their own.

Guiding Principles

6 hour rule & “Do Not Hack” Change and experimentation is more than welcome, even if you’re not sure how it will end up, but if any change to the boats or space would take longer than 6 hours to put back as it was, please check on the rocket chat before doing it.

Also, you can use anything aboard for anything you’d like - parts or as part of another project - but if it has a DO NOT HACK sticker on it please leave it alone because it’s probably important or removing it might make the boat sink.

non exclusivity:

Space is always limited, but side rooms should be available for running events in, but it’s important that others can always use the main space for their own thing even while your thing is going on.
Also events must be open to everyone who’s interested and cannot be charged for - knowledge is free.

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